Meet The Team
About Us
  1. Wayne Bradbury
    Wayne Bradbury
    Owner & Artist
  2. Jordan Bradbury
    Jordan Bradbury
    Web Go To Gal / Artist
  3. Ashlea Bradbury
    Ashlea Bradbury
    Budding Artist
  4. Bindi
    Workshop Pal
  5. Bundy
    Customer Alert Dog / Pal
  6. Christel Bradbury
    Christel Bradbury
    Owner & Artist
  7. Monty
    Photo Bomber
  8. Rosie
    Photo Bomber
Finders Keepers is a husband and wife team who look for old furniture and industrial pieces to restore and bring back to life. We love finding things and we love getting on the tools to find the hidden beauty under all the dust and grime of forgotten pieces. Each piece is loved, but we cant keep it all, so we created our little studio for you to find and keep some of our treasures too. Why not come and visit the studio nestled on our beautiful little property on the outskirts of Swan Hill.

How it all started....We have in the past 5 years built our house as well as raising our young children. This has led to being thrifty and finding furniture that we could fix up for our new home. Our family and friends loved our pieces, so we started making and finding other pieces to sell in our Gallery in town. Once we moved into our new home, we decided to not pay rent in town and convert the old garage into a studio for Wayne`s photography and our new found love of reloved furniture. Its been 2 years now of our little studio and we still have the passion of finding treasures and bringing them back to life for others to enjoy.

A little about us:

Wayne is a landscape photographer as well, you can find him on fb under Wayne Bradbury Photography. He also loves to ride his bicycle long distances and has recently completed a challenge of 2000km in one month to raise money for Childrens Cancer. He also enjoys Bonsai which he has been doing for over 10 years and had a beautiful collection which met with disaster (hot dry week and us holidaying in Tasmania) which wiped nearly everything out. Wayne has since started again.

Christel is the current President and is actively involved as a volunteer with Riding For Disabled in Swan Hill, looking after horses at home and helping out at the centre on a weekly basis. If she is not painting, you can find her riding her favourite RDA horse Mickey.
Christel is also involved as a volunteer in making costumes for her daughters calisthenics club,sewing and adding sequins, making headpieces, stage props, etc.
So she can wield a sander, handle horses or a needle depending on the job at hand! :)

We have 2 daughters Jordan and Ashlea, who are a great help and keep us laughing constantly.  Our dogs and cats also add humour to the day in their own ways, its a wonder we get any work done!